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Customer Notice - Studio Hygiene Info

Maintaining A Safe Environment For You & I

Eclipse Massage Studio cleanliness standards are purpose-built to ensure that good hygiene is a priority. These standards are maintained & upheld at my studio every day of the year, and include:

  • Ensuring hand sanitiser is readily available.

  • Ensuring my hands are thoroughly washed with soap and water throughout the day, specifically pre- and post-treatment.

  • Being vigilant with hygiene standards ensuring all surfaces and products are cleaned with a high-grade disinfectant spray.

  • Ensuring all towels are newly laundered and fresh between each client.

Since the 'outbreak', additional standards have been implemented to mitigate this specific risk. These additional standards are:

  • Checking my daily wellbeing to ensure I'm healthy and have not been in contact with anyone who has recently travelled. 

  • Processing contactless payment transactions where possible.

  • Requesting that unwell clients, or clients who have recently travelled, cancel/re-book their treatment for a later date.


I believe it is important to provide this information to ensure my clients feel comfortable visiting my massage studio and can focus on rest and relaxation during their treatment.