Lemon Myrtle Candle

Lemon Myrtle Candle




Small : Eco Soy Wax - Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil - 25 hour burn


Medium : Eco Soy Wax - Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil - 55 hour burn


Large : Eco Soy Wax - Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil - 70 hour burn


Eco certified soy wax, hand poured and labelled, wooden wicks for a longer burn and soothing crackle (typically has a smaller flame), reusable glass jars with wooden lids on the medium and large candles, Pure Essential Oils (No Fragrances used EVER!)

  • Candle Care Instructions

    - For the first burn (for large and medium candles) a 3-4 hours burn is a must to set the memory of the candles to burn to the very edge.
    - When relighting we recommend removing the burnt part of the wick with a 'Pinch And Pull' technique. This is where you gently 'pinch' any of the excess burnt wick and 'pull' it away. We have found this technique to be best for the wooden wicks.
    - Wooden wicks also, by nature don't have as big a flame as cotton wicks. This is great when we are working with essential oil candles as we don't generate as much heat as a cotton wick which can destroy the essential oil. Cotton wicks can also throw a toxic flume, which is another massive benefit for us choosing to use a wooden wick.