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The newly launched Tribal Flame products are now available at Eclipse Massage Studio: natural, organic, earthy. 

Enjoy the sacred & grounding aromas of Tribal Flame Candles: the new Australian brand created with 100% essential oils, wooden wicks, eco-certified soy wax and toxic free. 


Available from this week in the massage studio, the aromas are both earthy & fresh, mood-enhancing and wonderfully therapeutic. They really are nature's medicine. They have an extended burn time due to the long-lasting wooden wick. A perfect Christmas gift, the full range is now available for purchase at Eclipse Massage Studio, and available online soon.

"Tribal Flame's mission is to provide super healthy, tasty, non toxic products that smell amazing, look great and are good for our environment. We believe in keeping things simple and nourishing ourselves with every opportunity."

"We loved candles and used essential oils daily. It was so difficult to find essential oil candles that didn't have fragrances added, so.... we decided to make our own. " - Jenny & Jezza, Tribal Flame, Perth.